It began with a bookshelf. 

An old friend called me, asking for help creating a wall-to-wall storage solution for his extensive library. But as I began putting together design ideas, something clicked in my brain. I got lost in the process of imagining the possibilities of this space. I looked forward to the daily joy of working with my hands, and the excitement of tailoring the final details to be both beautiful and durable. By the end of this project, my friend had a great-looking bookshelf in his study, and I had a new dream.

At the time, I already ran a thriving business in another industry. But when your life’s work comes knocking, you don’t ignore it. I knew right away that this was more than a new passion. It was a discovery of purpose.

It's my privilege to help Dallas-area homeowners transform their homes with thoughtful design and heritage-quality craftsmanship.

Simply put, I love homes. I love studying them, talking about them, noticing the details that indicate the thought and care people have invested in them. Over the years, from one building project to the next, I’ve grown increasingly fascinated with how each home’s engineering, materials and artistry match the authenticity of the people who live there.

Today, it’s my privilege to serve others in the special process of making their home their own. 

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