Ever since this couple had moved into this home they planned on having their master bathroom remodeled. After having a bad experience with another contractor on a kitchen remodel they were referred to GR&D by their designer, Melissa McKean. Melissa had already been working with them on colors and textures but they needed a contractor to run their ideas by and implement the project. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Get rid of everything; see the before pics, I shouldn’t need to explain it. Also, those drop down ceilings over the vanity- they serve no purpose whatsoever and that’s pretty normal.

  • Loose the bay window; the tile was cracking on the inside and it was rotting on the outside, this is also pretty normal. We would find a matching brick to fill the hole and replace the window with a smaller transom window containing fogged glass.

  • Ditch the tub, neither the husband or wife had ever used it and to replace it would’ve been expensive eye candy.

  • Create a larger frameless glass shower enclosure.

  • Replace everything we had removed with beautiful new fixtures and finishes.

  • Additionally, we completely redid the closet with new flooring and storage.

This project was pretty straight forward, click through the gallery above for the whole story.


  • Plumbing Fixtures: Delta 17 series in “Polished Nickel”

  • Counters: BCS Quartz “Stratus White”

  • Vanity: Floating with an inset shaker door

Location: Coppell, TX