When this couple built this house 5 years ago they intentionally chose inexpensive finishes and avoided overpriced builder upgrades in hopes of doing a luxury bathroom remodel down the road; that’s the way to do it! Fall of 2018 was their time. At 120 square feet this bathroom had a lot of excess space, vinyl floors, a tiny prefab shower and a bulky alcove tub.

Aside from your standard improvements, like a tile floor and shower, this husband and wife wanted a larger, open shower and a stylish freestanding tub.


  • Since we were getting rid of the alcove tub we removed the wall between the two. This freed up space to make the shower larger.

  • Create a 4 x 4 tile shower enclosed in frameless glass

  • Install a freestanding tub, move it closer to the far wall and rotate the entry point 90 degrees to the left. This would give plenty of room to get in and out while creating a beautiful aesthetic centered under the window.

  • Tile floor: Daltile white on white octagon dot with white grout

  • Tile Shower: Festival 4 x 8 in arctic white with a white marble pebble floor and light grey grout

  • Plumbing Fixtures & bath accessories: Kohler Worth (Home Depot exclusive)

  • Tub & filler: Wyndham 60” Juliette soaking tub & Pfister Freestanding Tub filler in Tuscan Bronze

Location: Savannah, TX